Kuriositäten in Korea 2 / Curios in Korea 2


Amazing products: Found that limb therapy system in a shop. What happened to her legs? Can you imagine your wife sitting at home like this smiling at you?! Also a shop with lots of drums. 

Well, nature is a precious good. All season concrete flowers in friendly colours near Hyehwa.


More beautiful nature in a small garden in front of a restaurant. Public attention got the fashion shop in Apgujeong  front-side covered with small plants. All natural and it really works and grows.

Another very cute shop around. There can be alternatives to overly styled and anonymous shop designs. For sure you will find attentive and helpful shop staff here. Probably much better than in many brand shops.


For majors of large and densily populated cities Seoul became a popular stop-over when the Cheonggyechong river right in the centre of the city was made accessible again. Before it was covered by a highway route. Now it’s a hugely popular place to stroll around and feel apart from the concrete djungle.

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